For over twenty-five years Paul has been delivering high-level, impactful coaching to thousands of clients...

A self-confessed life long student, Paul has combined that study, and over a quarter of a century of experience, into his coaching programmes...


I firmly believe we all have a desire to grow and change.

In fact, I believe it is a universal law - just look at nature...

There is only one truth in nature, & that is change. The acorn becomes an oak. The gas nebula becomes a new star. The cliffs erode as the waves crash against them. Nothing, and I mean nothing, stays the same.

Except us!

We are unique among all that we know in nature. We have been blessed with a mind that can imagine any possibility we dare to dream. We have also been blessed with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. It is imagination and a desire to understand that enables us to create incredible and wonderful things that just a few short years ago would have seemed impossible.

And yet, the vast majority of us override this creative force that drives all of nature, and in doing so we become the only thing that doesn't express it's full potential.

Imagine a mighty oak tree deciding to become less mighty - or a lion being a lesser version of itself. Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? But that's exactly what we do. And in allowing this to happen we live lives of quiet discontent, unhappy, restless, and even depressed.

So much so that we look to external stimulation to hide these feelings. Alcohol, medication, drugs, social media, the list is endless but all available to keep us distracted from that nagging feeling of unease...

This doesn't mean that we all have to change the world like a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or a Mother Theresa, but it does mean we have to accept our role as a part of this forever growing universe we are lucky enough to inhabit.

I truly believe we ALL have greatness within us - some may be destined to actually change the world but for the majority greatness may be becoming the best mother you can, the best friend, the best coffee barista - it actually isn't about the role, it's about the person fulfilling that role.

And this is my mission. To become the best me. Nothing any more complicated than that. In doing so I hope to show, instruct, and inspire many more people to accept just how powerful they are, and take steps towards claiming that power for the good of all the people they come into contact with!

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.
— Marcus Aurelius


  • Lead With Passion
  • Love Unconditionally
  • Sweat Every Day
  • Be Authentic & Transparent
  • Every Day Is A Good or Great Day
  • Communicate With Honesty
  • Have Fun
  • Exceed Expectations